CHF Consumer Link - Consumers Shaping Health - Webinar Series - SURVEY

Consumers Health Forum (CHF)
Closes: 26 March 2021Consultations & Surveys

As part of better supporting consumer advocates who are participants in CHF’s consumer representatives program and who serve as our nominees on committees, CHF is proposing a new initiative called Consumer Link comprising of a series of consumer talks via webinar.  

Following the success of our CHF Talks webinars for members and stakeholders, we felt a series specifically tailored to and targeted at meeting the needs of consumer representatives would be worthwhile.

The webinars would provide support to the CHF pool of consumer advocates on varying topics to cater for different levels of experience.  They could be informational and educational. We need your input to help us plan these webinars according to what will serve you best in your committee work.  Please help us by filling out a short survey covering questions ranging from topics of interest to your preference on webinar times.  Your responses will also help us consider other support we can provide to consumer representatives in the medium to longer term. This is important to us – as the need for consumer-centred care is becoming more appreciated in the policy and research community, we can expect more demand for skilled and well supported representatives.

The survey is expected to take up to 5 minutes of your time to complete.  The survey will close COB Friday 26 March 2021 with the first webinar scheduled for 7 April. 

Register here:

The first webinar will consist of a brief overview of CHF’s aims and intentions for the initiative, a review of key items on the policy landscape and a progress update on the CHF’s Consumer Commission established to contribute views and ideas about the future of the Australian health and social care system.  We will share the results of the survey with you and a proposed program of webinar topics based on the feedback.

Thank you in advance for your time and considered feedback. If you have any questions about this survey, or would like to expand on your answers, please do not hesitate to contact CHF’s Consumer and Member Relationship Coordinator, Ghislaine Martin at