The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) is the national peak body representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers. CHF works to achieve safe, quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by accessible health information and systems.

Strong primary health care is central to an efficient, equitable and effective health system. Australia faces the problem of managing a rising number of people with multiple chronic conditions or with risk factors for chronic conditions and we know that a significant proportion of acute hospital admissions could have been treated or prevented through management in primary and community settings. To ensure our health system is sustainable into the future we need to renew our focus on and investment in preventative health and integrated primary health care in community settings.

The Australian Government has committed to the development of a 10-Year Primary Health Care Plan and CHF sees this as an opportunity to develop a more coordinated, comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to primary health care in Australia. CHF is represented on the Minister's Primary Health Reform Steering Group which is advising on the 10-Year Plan, and we are seeking the input of our members and consumer advocates to inform our contributions to this reform process.

Consumer participants in the Primary Health Care SIG identify what matters to consumers in primary health care, where improvement can be made and contribute to the cultural changes needed among GPs, nurses, allied health professionals and policy makers that are needed to deliver coordinated, integrated, consumer-centred primary health care. This group provides a space for those interested in primary health care to share information, communicate perspectives and workshop ideas to enact change.

This group is open to all members and consumer representatives but will be capped at around 25 consumers. This cap helps keep the group manageable while assuring diversity. The group is co-facilitated by a CHF staff member and a consumer, selected by members voting.

The group is advisory to CHF, with final decisions remaining with the CHF Board.

The group does not meet face to face. Currently we use a mixture of online forums, email and teleconfencing. 

The time commitment is to attend a monthly meeting and to read documents and provide comments between meetings. No sitting fees or reimbursement is offered to participants.

To register your interest please complete the form below. The group is currently at capacity but new submissions will be considered as vacancies arise.

For more information about the group please read the General Purpose & Operation guide or contact our Senior Policy Officer, Lisa Gelbart on

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