The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) is the national peak body representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers and those with an interest in healthcare consumer affairs. CHF works to achieve safe, quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by accessible health information and systems. 

CHF is looking for additional ways to involve our members and the broader consumer community in shaping our policy and advocacy work so that it features diverse consumer insight and perspective reflective of the Australian community.

We have three special interest groups operating at the moment: consumer involvement in research, digital health and safety and quality in healthcare. These are  informal networks of consumers who have self-selected to work more intensively on policy issues.

We have recently established a Rural and Remote Special Interest Group  to ensure we include the voices of rural and remote consumers in all our policy and advocacy work. We see this as a precursor to establishing a Rural and Remote Health Forum, which is a  longer-term goal for CHF.

All CHF members, consumer representatives and other interested parties are welcome to nominate to be part of the Rural and Remote Special Interest Group. Initially the maximum number of people within the group at any time will be 35. This number includes the co-facilitators. This cap helps keep the groups manageable while assuring diversity. Applicants will be chosen through an expression of interest process.

The group is co-facilitated by a CHF Secretariat member and a consumer, selected by a nomination process. The group is advisory to CHF, with final decisions remaining with the CHF Board.

At this stage, the group will not generally meet face-to-face although opportunities for constructive workshops and roundtables will be explored as the Special Interest Group evolves. The intention is to use a mixture of online forums and teleconferencing. Training and support for people not familiar with either of these will be offered.

The time commitment is to attend a bi-monthly (every second month) meeting via teleconference (12:30 - 1:30 AEST Tuesday, 10 September & 12:30 - 1:30 AEDT Tuesday, 12 November 2019), read documents and contribute to discussion during and between meetings. Membership is free. No sitting fees or reimbursement is offered to participants.

More information about the purpose and operation of the SIG can be found here. Any questions, please contact our Policy/Safety and Quality Officer, Leanne Kelly on


Your Details
Can you commit to bi-monthly (every second month) meetings via teleconference during AEST business hours? (8:30am-4pm Monday – Friday?)
Can you commit to checking online forums, such as SharePoint, or emails outside of meeting times to prepare, provide feedback or contribute to group discussions?