We are a new health consumer organisation for Tasmania. Our aim is to provide an independent and credible health consumer voice into the Tasmanian health system.

We will ensure the consumer voice is inclusive of all sectors and groups across the health system to build and articulate a longer-term vision of what the community would like from their health system and to ensure all Tasmanians can have access to it.


We will work with and empower consumers, whether they are current, previous or potential users of the Tasmanian health system; their families and carers; together with their communities so that collectively we can help shape and improve the Tasmanian health system.


We will build a consumer voice that will influence change to the Tasmanian health system. We will work alongside existing advocacy organisations to provide a state-wide view on health consumer issues, focusing on an evidence-based approach to improve consumer centred care.



We will build meaningful partnerships between health consumers and the Tasmanian heath sector acknowledging that: - to build a better health system principled around active consumer participation in their own health care takes time.

To this end, we will work closely with service providers including governments and consumers to build a case for change to ensure potential changes to the health system are done strategically, involve many people, and at the same time, are responsive to the specific and often differing needs of each community across Tasmania.

Our aim is to improve health outcome and health experiences for everyone: from when they are born; through their school and teen years; as they approach and pass middle age; through to their retirement and ultimately, their end of life experiences.

Meet the Team

Bruce Levett 
Executive Officer

Bruce Levett has been appointed as the Executive Officer and commenced work in late August 2018. Originally from Burnie, educated in Hobart, Bruce is an experienced, grounded and value based professional and has a strong background in stakeholder engagement, business management, strategy and policy development across both the public and private sectors. Bruce worked in Hobart in state government and then as a management consultant for six years before moving to Melbourne together with his partner in 2000. 

He returned with a young family to Hobart earlier this year after working in senior government roles in Victoria and more recently working on an international aid project in the Solomon Islands. This role involved rebuilding the media industry association into an organisation that influenced media outcomes and standards across the nation. Through a combination of public advocacy and working behind the scenes with the Solomon Islands Government and Ministries, a focus of the role was to also ensure the relationship between government leaders and media was transparent and productive.

Bruce is passionate about developing partnerships and collaborative approaches to influence change and advising on organisational and systems processes to ensure peoples' views influence public policy.

Consumers Health Forum

The Consumers Health Forum (CHF), which is based in Canberra and is the peak national body for health consumer advocacy, is the auspice body to help build the Tasmanian organisation.

CHF is providing a range of advisory and administrative support to the Executive Officer throughout the initial phase of building the organisation. Once the Tasmanian organisation has established its own Board and constitution, the CHF will transfer the full responsibility for running the organisation to the Board, which will then become a fully independent, Tasmanian based organisation.

Meet our new board - learn more in the August 2019 newsletter!

Read the August 2019 newsletter

How to Get Involved

We would welcome your involvement. Please contact us at the email address below if:

  • You would like to continue to receive e-updates and information on our activities including outcomes from the advisory group meetings.
  • You would like to meet the Tasmanian Executive Officer to provide input into the organisation work program and activities.
  • You would like to volunteer to support the activities of the organisation.
  • You would like to join a network that may involve being a consumer advocate for your different community or group.

Email: b.levett@chf.org.au