My Health Record moving to an opt-out model is the most important digital health change for consumers in Australia in 2018. We see My Health Record as a key step in the shift from health consumers as passive patients, to consumers as active partners in our own care. Every Australian with a Medicare or Department of Veteran’s Affairs number will have a My Health Record created for them in 2018, unless they choose to opt-out of having one created.

All Australians should consider the benefits and risks of My Health Record in the context of their own lives before making their decision.

To help consumers make an informed and considered decision about whether or not to opt-out of having a record created for them, we are holding a series of 6 webinars starting in mid-August that cover the key information people need to understand the benefits and risks of My Health Record in the context of their own lives. The webinars will include knowledgeable panellists and provide a chance for consumer questions to be asked of them.

Summaries and other 'bite-size' content based on the information covered will also be released after the webinars.

Each webinar will focus on a different area of important information or decision that a person has to make in order to arrive at an informed decision. Those steps are summarised in the flowchart below.

A central hub for everything to do with the webinar series is available here:

We are collecting key information on the webinars, how you can ask questions before the webinar, register for each of the webinars, and find the outputs created after the webinars in this section of our website. Use the links at the bottom or to the right of this section to navigate through each part, or head to the My Health Record Webinar Series Hub to get started.