Consumers partner COVID clinical taskforce identifying trusted treatments

The Consumers Health Forum has joined a national COVID-19 taskforce aimed at ensuring Australians receive trusted and best possible care during the outbreak.

“At a time when the public are exposed to often erroneous claims of cures, it is a great step forward that Australia has established this taskforce to identify early treatments that work, and that consumers can be part of that process,” the CEO of the Consumers Health Forum, Leanne Wells, said today.

She was commenting on the new National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce which comprises peak health professional bodies whose members are caring for people with COVID-19.  The Consumers Health Forum will work with the taskforce as consumer and community partner.

“We are pleased to join this vital effort to support the most up-to-date medical science being made available to fight COVID-19 in Australia.

“The taskforce will be using latest evidence surveillance and automation technologies to identify COVID-19 research findings from around the world and every week feed this evidence to guideline panels of clinical and consumer communities.

“This will enable latest results being made available to clinicians treating COVID patients as promptly as possible.

“We know that the evidence of how to treat and manage COVID is changing and evolving. This world-leading initiative, which will provide ‘living evidence’ updated weekly, will reassure an anxious public that clinicians are getting timely access to the best evidence available,” Ms Wells said.        



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