Health insurance: let's hear the consumer view


The call by the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance for a consumer-centred review of private health insurance is yet further evidence of community frustration with the rising cost and confusion of health insurance, the Consumers Health Forum says.

 "The Consumers Health Forum has for many months been calling on the Federal Government to establish a Productivity Commission inquiry into government assistance to health insurance," the CEO of CHF, Leanne Wells, said.

"It is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the many billions of dollars of taxpayer money pumped into health insurance when the result of shrinking cover and continually rising premiums is making private medical care a daunting prospect.

 "The Government has sought to reform health insurance to make it less confusing and has a committee examining out of pockets costs, but it seems clear that systemic impediments require much deeper scrutiny.

 "The AHCRA call for a consumer-centred review points to concerns that the current approach remains overly influenced by provider interests with not enough weight being given to consumer concerns," Ms Wells said.




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