Labor’s preventive health policy a welcome step forward

Labor’s preventive health policy is a welcome step forward for Australia, providing a plan for national action to combat the chronic disease epidemic, the Consumers Health Forum said today.

“It is well past time that we as a nation took concerted action to turn around the unhealthy way of life that puts so many children and adults on the path to obesity and ill-health,” the CEO of the Consumers Health Forum, Leanne Wells said.

“Labor’s five-point plan to implement measures like the focus on 50 communities at high risk of chronic disease, and national plans for healthy nutrition and physical activity, raise hopes for real leadership on this the most important health challenge facing Australia.

“It is a national shame that Australia scores 94th on an international physical activity index and that nearly one in four children is overweight.

“We particularly welcome the Healthy Communities Initiative. It takes a placebased approach that will enable communities and consumers to tailor localised strategies for better health that address the social determinants associated with poor health.

“What we need is a commitment to a long term direction. In the past, wellmeaning measures have faltered because of the lack of a credible, enduring national drive necessary to convince consumers of the benefits of healthy lifestyle. “Labor’s initiative is a welcome advance towards a healthier nation,” Ms Wells said.


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