Making My Health Record Work for Everyone

The report on the evaluation of the opt-out trials for My Health Record showed that the approach would help ensure the full health benefits of a shared electronic health record could be realised the Consumers Health Forum says

“CHF has been calling for an opt-out system backed by strong community engagement and education and the findings of this report endorse that position” the CEO of the Consumer Health Forum. Leanne Wells said.

“We support a national opt-out roll out and support the report’s recommendation that this should be done in one national step. This would ensure a nationally consistent campaign would be rolled out and built on.”

 “It is no surprise to us that once people have the benefits explained to them and their concerns around privacy and confidentiality addressed that they are happy to have and use the My Health Record. It is good to see that people not only do not opt out of the record but have started to use it” said Ms Wells.

“People are using their My Health Record because they recognise benefits of information bring shared, care being connected and duplicate tests bring avoided “

“The report shows that more work need to be done to raise awareness of the benefits of electronic health records. We support the report’s call for a comprehensive nationally driven but locally supported communication strategy that is targeted at consumers and health care providers. “

“This needs to be properly resourced and should be developed with consumer and health care provider input. It also needs to involve local community leaders who can be strong agents for change and champions of the roll-out.”

“We need to anticipate and avoid roadblocks to use of this vital new piece of our health care system future. We welcome the report's acknowledgement that there is a need to streamline and improve access because consumers in the pilots found this to be a barrier.  Whether this is through improving My Gov or moving away from it completely, the important issue is that it makes it easier for consumers to use.”

For a national roll out to be successful  we need the Government to  commit  to further investment in their consumer facing infrastructure so that the system is reliable, accessible and resourced appropriately into the future” said Ms Wells ‘

We believe that if implemented the report’s 31 recommendations would deliver a world class system. It is important to remember that this is the first stage and the system will evolve.”

“Such major, deeply needed, change cannot be done on the cheap. To this end we reiterate our call that the government move away from the current budgetary requirement for all new health expenditure to be offset by savings in the health portfolio.”


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