A Payments System for the 21st Century

The announcement today of the development of a new digital payments system for health and aged care payments is welcome news for consumers says Consumer Health Forum of Australia.

“The Government has moved to encourage consumers to interact with it digitally for payments, enquiries and information but it has not put in place the technological infrastructure to support this new business model” says Leanne Wells CEO of Consumers Health Forum.

“Consumers are asked to do more self-service by processing claims and making enquiries on-line but the infrastructure has not been put in place to facilitate this. Consumers complain about long waiting times, processes which are complex and often slow and not responsive to their needs and express varying levels of frustration with the process. Hopefully the new system will address those issues and will be more consumer friendly and work across the various devices people now use to manage their affairs.

We need to remember that there is a digital divide in this country and so the new system must support people who have a lower level of digital literacy or a lower level of access to on-line services to ensure there is equitable access for all.

This is another important step towards delivering a 21st century health system in Australia and we look forward to consumers being active participants in the design and implementation of the new system.”


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