ABS Health Statistics Advisory Group


The ABS Health Statistics Program covers a wide range of topics including long term health conditions, health risk factors, patient experience, nutrition, physical activity, disability and mental health, deaths, causes of death and life expectancy for both the general population and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. The Health Statistics Advisory Group (HSAG) supports the ABS in maintaining the collection of official, timely, quality and relevant health data as part of the Health Statistics Program. The role of the HSAG is to:

  • to provide direct advice to the ABS on its program of health statistics, in terms of priorities, external developments, adequacy and availability of statistics and analysis, from a user perspective;
  • to advise ABS on priorities for its health statistics work program through each member's consultation within their respective organisations;
  • to bring to the attention of the ABS major user concerns on, and emerging policy demand for, health statistics;
  • to assist the ABS to understand how the various data are, or could be, used in analysis and policy formation;
  • to advise the ABS on current health data and measurement issues which may impact on ABS collections; and
  • to advise on the composition of expert panels for particular technical issues.

CHF has been a member of the HSAG since March 2019, with our Research and Policy Officer our Appointed Represenatative. As well as attedning regular meetings and advocating for consumer considerations on ABS projects, specific activites have included:

  • Acting on the Expert Advisory Group for a Sodium and Potassium Monitoring Project
  • Providing input into the content for the National Health Survey 2022
  • Providing feedback for the 2021 Census and corralary Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Providing consumer view for the ABS Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP)

In addition, at the March 2020 HSAG meeting the HSAG was formally re-scoped to act as the "Intergenerational Health Surveys Advisory Group" to provide advice and input into the Intergenerational Health and Mental Health Study. The IHMHS will provide an unprecedented opportunity to measure the real state of Australians' health, comprising surveys of mental health; general health; nutrition & physical activity; and a biomedical measures study involving the collection and storage of blood samples. As such, through the HSAG, CHF will advocate on behalf of consumers over the lifetime of the prject from June 2020-June 2023.

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