The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Quality Framework Project

2010 - 11

In the 2009-10 Budget, the Australian Government announced funding for the development and implementation of a new evidence-based framework for managing the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS): the MBS Quality Framework. This Framework was to establish new listing, pricing and review mechanisms to ensure that items on the MBS are effective, safe, cost-effective and likely to lead to improved health outcomes.

CHF was funded by the Department of Health and Ageing to engage, inform and consult with CHF members to ensure consumer perspectives were adequately and effectively represented for consideration in the development and implementation of a new MBS Quality Framework.

CHF acknowledges that the MBS is the cornerstone of the Australian health care system. The MBS impacts on consumer access to allied health, general practice and specialist medical services. As a result, consumers have a strong interest in the effective operation of this system. It is important that any changes to the MBS improve access and health outcomes for consumers.

Throughout this project, CHF consulted with members to identify key issues regarding the proposed framework and to ensure that any new mechanisms put in place for listing, pricing and review of MBS items will be effective, safe and encourage better health outcomes for consumers.

 This project concluded in June 2011.