Quality Use of Diagnostic Imaging Consumer Consultation Project


CHF was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) with guidance from the Quality Use of Diagnostic Imaging (QUDI) Program to undertake consumer consultation on diagnostic imaging. CHF was asked to provide consumer views on their experiences with diagnostic imaging in order to develop and improve current diagnostic imaging practice and ensure consumer-focused, accessible and coordinated services that promote informed choice and meet consumer needs, and which are affordable for all Australians.

Diagnostic imaging is an integral part of the Australian health system, as the wide range of imaging services provided by diagnostic imaging providers often form the basis of medical diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease.

Diagnostic imaging services can refer to x-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine imaging and positron emission topography (PET). Diagnostic images are analysed to identify disease and injury, assess severity and monitor disease progress over time.

The project aimed to contribute to improved quality use of diagnostic imaging through convenient, safe, accurate and affordable diagnostic imaging services and to establish an evidence base about current consumer issues based on consultation with consumers.