Quality Use of Pathology Project

2009 - 10

This project aimed to:

  • engage, inform and consult with CHF members about current pathology practice and the opportunity to input into the Quality Use of Pathology Program;
  • establish an evidence base through consumer consultation to identify consumer issues, including gaps and opportunities and facilitators and barriers to quality use of pathology, and suggest strategies that would make the pathology experience more appropriate for consumers;
  • contribute to a shared understanding between consumers and stakeholders of the issues that need to be addressed to deliver the quality use of pathology;
  • provide policy advice to government and key stakeholder groups that reflect the views of health consumers on issues relevant to the quality use of pathology; and
  • contribute to a basis for a partnership approach to address priority issues, and empower consumers as partners in more effective and efficient health care.

It involved a series of 8 state/territory workshops, a consultative discussion paper and a national workshop.

Project Guidance

The project was informed by consumer involvement with quality use of pathology initiatives, and the guidance of the CHF Quality Use of Pathology Project Reference Group.


The Quality Use of Pathology Project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

This project concluded in April 2010.