2006 - 2008
The involvement of health consumers in the implementation and monitoring of these reforms is essential if they are to deliver better health outcomes for all Australians
2004 - 2008

CHF has made a major contribution to the understanding of e-health for consumer networks and promoted informed debate on key e-health issues through its 2004-05, 2006-07 and 2006-08 e-health projects.

From CHF work to date, it is clear that consumers value opportunities to use e-health...

2000 - 12
CHF began working in collaboration with NPS: Better Choices, Better Health (NPS) in 2000 to provide a consumer perspective on issues relating to the quality use of medicines (QUM).
1 August 2021

Mental Health Consumer Special Interest Group: Call for members

Thank you for your interest - applications for the Mental Health SIG have now closed.


  • Are you a mental health consumer or carer of a mental health consumer with strong
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