21 December 2021 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

A more connected and digital health system is a foundational element of a health system. For consumers, this means their health information is available when needed to share with their medical team and to help deliver whole-of-person care. It means that no matter where they live or happen to be, consumers will have easy access to their health information and control who can access that information. 

The primary goal of healthcare interoperability is to conveniently and seamlessly support safe, secure, efficient, and quality care through a national system of digitally connected providers. These providers can, with the patient’s consent, share this data with other healthcare practitioners involved in the patient's care.

For health providers interoperability means that regardless of what part of the health system they work in or where they are located, they will have timely access to patient information they need for clinical decisions and care. 

The Draft National Healthcare Interoperability Plan has been developed after consultation with external stakeholders to map a pathway to a more connected Australian health system and to support the implementation of digitally-enabled models of care. The key aspects of the draft plan are outlined in the Plan on a page.

CHF"s submission to the Draft Plan is below:

12 December 2021 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

Covid – the test of a pandemic on our healthcare system

In the Dec 2021 edition of Consumers Shaping Health, we ....

  • Discuss health communication in the context of the pandemic, and trust in doctors and health care professionals 
  • The Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQH) is conducting national consultations to scope the requirements for a national health and human research approvals platform
  • The launch of the National Preventive Health Strategy. by the Public Health Association is announced and we open consultation for our submission on Australia’s 10 Year Cancer Plan 

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7 December 2021 Annual Reports
Consumers Health Forum

2020–21 was a year like no other in healthcare. The Covid-19 pandemic put enormous strain on our community, families and friends. It presented challenges to our health system – both public health units, general practice as well as hospitals – and posed challenges to policy-makers. This environment translated into a busy yet and productive time for CHF as we focused on business as usual as well as playing our role in bringing consumers insights to the pandemic response.  The 2020–21 year also saw CHF advise on several national health reform initiatives and reflecting the consumer voice in major events and media commentary.  Read about our year in 2020-2021

25 November 2021 Submission
Tammy Wolffs

CHF supports lifting the single rate of JobSeeker and related payments to a minimum of $910 per fortnight and aligning future increases of JobSeeker and related payments to pension indexation – that is, based on both the Consumer Price Index and Male Total Average Weekly earnings – rather than rely on ad hoc increases, which has resulted in this first proposed real rate rise in more than 25 years.

15 November 2021 Health Voices
Consumers Health Forum

Youth Health Summit – voices for the future

In this issue of Health Voices, writers and presenters from the Youth Health Forum National Summit in Sept 2021 discuss their concerns about future health and climate issues affecting young people and call for a  greater say in policy decisions. It’s their future. 

Read the November 2021 issue of Health Voices

14 November 2021 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

The healthy argument on climate change

In the Nov 2021 edition of Consumers Shaping Health, we .... .  

  • A recent Australian Conservation Foundation report estimates the many billions in avoided health costs alone that could be saved in future years
  • Covering COVID: media in the age of the pandemic 
  • Digital inclusion and transformation – a critical priority for Australian charities 

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11 November 2021 Fact Sheets
Consumers Health Forum

Here you will find a number of resources that may be useful to you.

They are grouped in categories as follows: 

  • About community engagement 
  • Research articles /information about vaccine hesitancy
  • The value of COVID-19 vaccination
  • National and State Campaigns about COVID-19 Covid 19 vaccine
  • Health information about vaccines currently available
  • Health information about side effects of vaccines
  • Local COVID-19 Covid 19 initiatives of interest
10 November 2021 Report
Consumers Health Forum

The Youth Health Forum, a network of young health consumers and leaders, held a major Summit on 15 Sept 2021, as a virtual event.  

Throughout the day, the 180+ delegates discussed the issues that young people face in the healthcare system and what they need from it in the future. 

These issues and solutions were then compiled into a call to action for governmental stakeholders, service providers and health professionals.

This call to action is a timely reminder that younger people need to be treated as the leaders in their health journey, and this cannot be achieved without support from decision-makers and service providers.

9 November 2021 Submission

In August 2021 the Australian Digital Health Agency commenced planning on the next National Digital Health Strategy to be launched in 2022. This began with a National Survey and CHF was invited to provide additional input in the form of a written submission to help further develop the detail needed to underpin the Strategy.

CHF's final submission to this consultation is below.

3 November 2021 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum and Croakey News Media