CHF is more active than ever working on behalf of consumers for a better health system, and we have highlighted our significant achievements in the CHF Report Card for 2021-2022. As we move forward with a new federal government, there are many new opportunities for consumer-directed policies and programs, and for strengthening the consumer voice.

We continue to serve as a thought leader in health care and shine a light on where health care can be improved with our focus on equity and fairness of access.

During 2021-2022 we: 

  • led with pioneering work on consumer leadership with Collaborative Pairs Youth in partnership with Orygen and Centra North Coast PHN and developed a prospectus for an Australian Health Consumer Leadership  Academy  
  • partnered with research institutions for projects on consumer sentiment and digital health 
  • produced submissions on behalf of consumers on many issues in health care
  • produced a series of resources and videos to aid vaccine confidence in consumers for community-led conversations and health care professionals, with the Dept of Health
  • nominated and supported consumer advisors 
  • published a range of reports
  • launched Consumer Link, an informational and educative webinar series for consumer representatives.
  • hosted the Youth Health Forum Summit with 250+ participants
  • monitored and reported community responses through our Australia’s Health Panel surveys on issues of the moment including virtual health care, self-financed private treatment, Medicare and private health insurance in the past year.
  • kept in touch with diverse communities with CHF Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that are active on issues including Primary Health Care, Research & Data, Digital Health, Safety & Quality in Healthcare, Rural & Remote Health and our newest group for Mental Health. 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Consumers Health Forum