16 October 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

CHF does not support the proposed rescheduling of all codeine to Schedule 4 at this point in time. We do not think the delegate has given enough consideration to the significant system wide costs of the rescheduling or the loss of access to a range of medications that do have some benefits to consumers.

5 October 2015 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

This edition contains a report of the highlights from our Members and Stakeholders Forum held in August 2015, as well as links to the presentations.

17 September 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

This review of the Guidelines is an opportunity to continuously improve the way PBAC assesses proposals and we see it as an opportunity to give consumers more opportunity for input into the process. If this potential is to be realised then there needs to be adequate resourcing provided to support consumers and consumer organisations to participate.

16 September 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

The current, fragmented set of primary health services with their emphasis on managing ill health rather than promoting health and wellbeing are not meeting the needs of people with chronic conditions. We need to start putting the services together so they actually form a system that has at its heart the consumer.

3 September 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

CHF's Submission to the Primary Health Care Advisory Group Survey on the Discussion Paper: Better Outcomes for People with Chronic and Complex Conditions through Primary Health Care.

28 August 2015 Position Statements
Consumers Health Forum
CHF supports the effective, safe and successful entry of biosimilars into the Australian market. This is in the interest of consumers as they will have access to a wider group of therapeutic options. In line with the National Medicines Policy safe and effective medicines should be available to consumers at the lowest possible cost. Patients should not have to pay more for a biosimilar than a reference brand.
17 August 2015 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum
Leanne Wells, Chief Executive Officer, Consumers Health Forum of Australia, gave the Ian Webster Health for All Oration to the annual forum of the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity on 13 August 2015.
5 August 2015 Report
Consumers Health Forum, Medicines Australia

The Working Together Guide  provides guidance and examples for building collaborative relationships between individuals, health consumer organisations and research-based pharmaceutical companies.

The Working Together Guide was developed by the Consumers Health Forum of Australia and Medicines Australia in 2005 and was first updated in 2008.

Find out more here.

10 July 2015 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

CHF's comments on the Review of the implementation of the national reform agenda on organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

30 June 2015 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum
On 30 June 2015 CHF CEO Leanne Wells spoke to the Melbourne Institute Public Economic 'Towards a Stronger Medicare' Forum at the National Press Club.