21 April 2013 Health Voices
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Australian healthcare — out of pocket and out of date?

12 April 2013 Fact Sheets
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In consultations conducted by the CHF over many years, consumers have raised concerns over the lack of informed consent and informed financial consent processes when making decisions about their healthcare. This is of particular concern in the context of rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs and increasing rates of chronic illness in the community.
The purpose of this paper is to explore issues relating to consumers and informed consent in healthcare. The paper also provides a snapshot of the current literature, research and policy debate surrounding informed consent.

5 February 2013 Presentations and Speeches
Carol Bennett

"This lecture really has four parts. Initially, I will be outlining what I see as some of the major challenges for pharmacy, then I will briefly talk about consumer expectations, and I want to spend some time highlighting the positives – the opportunities for pharmacy. I will then make some summative comments about how we might reconcile the challenges, the expectations and the opportunities in developing a positive future for pharmacy."

8 January 2013 Archived
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This is a review of literature and practice that relate to using patient experience and consumer evidence to drive improved health outcomes. The focus is on qualitative, narrative methods of inviting and analysing consumer experience data – put simply, personal stories.
19 November 2012 Health Voices
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Complementary Medicines: How well do consumers know their products?
1 November 2012 Annual Reports
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4 June 2012 Fact Sheets
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Committee secretariats can the contribution of a consumer representative on a by supporting his or her involvement. This checklist, developed by the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) provides some useful tips. Although the checklist is not exhaustive, it provides some useful pointers.

4 May 2012 Health Voices
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Putting money where the mouth is: solutions for Australia's dental crisis
8 April 2012 Submission
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CHF considers that the current Inquiry provides a valuable opportunity to review the Government’s response to the numerous recent regulatory reviews outlined in TGA Reforms: A blueprint for the TGA’s future, which was released in December 2011. However, we note that the TGA is still in the process of implementing the recommendations agreed to by Government, and that there are likely to be further reforms to TGA processes and policies.

10 January 2012 Fact Sheets
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This fact sheet helps consumer representatives decide what is confidential. It is a guide only, different committees may have different requirements and consumer representatives should clarify these with their committee’s secretariat. Even where a committee member is not required to sign a confidentiality agreement, they should be aware that confidentiality may apply to some areas of their committee’s work.