This section supports you to analyse consumer experience narratives and Health Experience Wheels, using indicators of consumer-centred care.

This allows you to create a more detailed experience map, that demonstrates positive and negative experience points, but also identifies how the consumer experience tracks against validated measures of good consumer health experiences and good consumer health outcomes.

Mapping experiences against clearly articulated criteria can be a useful step in analysis. This allows you to relate themes and information in the consumer stories you have gathered, and the Health Experience Wheels you have created, to well-established indicators of good consumer-centred care. These criteria are likely to be relevant to any decision-making task that affects consumer health. Analysing experiences against these criteria can allow you to identify, for example:

  • Which, if any, of these criteria were particular or recurrent issues for consumers;
  • At what stages in the patient life journey consumers experienced particular issues related to any of the criteria;
  • In which of these areas experience was positive; and
  • Where attention should focus in order to improve the quality of patient-centred care and support improved consumer health outcomes.

This is valuable information to shape decisions that will improve consumer experience and consumer outcomes.