Sample Health Experience Wheel
A sample of a Health Experience Wheel

CHF has developed and piloted the Health Experience Wheel, a tool for powerfully communicating the key information in a consumer story. The Health Experience Wheel is a simple visual representation of the most positive and negative interactions a storyteller had with the health system in their own story of a ‘patient life journey’. Health Experience Wheels are intentionally simple in order to represent a story’s key information in a compelling and easily consumable format. They show clearly what mattered, and what could have been improved, in a storyteller’s experience. 

The Health Experience Wheel shows:

  1. The stages in the patient life journey.
  2. A quote from a storyteller, describing the single change that could have made the biggest overall difference to their experience. This is described in the centre of the Wheel.
  3. Key experience points in each stage of the patient life journey. The Health Experience Wheel presents these experience points as simple, easy-to-understand emoticons (happy and sad faces). These experience points identify the key positive and negative experiences that a storyteller had with the health system in their story of their patient life journey.
  4. Each experience point is accompanied by a brief summary of what happened at that point in the story, usually including a description of the experience in the storyteller’s own words.