What’s in this tool-kit?

This Toolkit provides step-by-step guidance to help you gather, consider and act on consumer stories. It does this by:

  • Helping you to plan for success by considering some key questions before you begin; 
  • Providing a flexible framework for thinking and asking about health experiences from the consumer’s perspective – the patient life journey;
  • Giving you practical advice about undertaking respectful semi-structured interviews, a proven way of gathering stories that provide information you can act on; and
  • Suggesting a consumer-engaged way of analysing and presenting stories so that their most important messages can be powerfully communicated to decision-makers. 

The tool-kit also provides advice to assist you to invite participation respectfully, ensure that consumer ownership and control over their story is maintained, and to identify, minimise and manage any risks to consumers who choose share their story with you. 

It suggests ways to ensure consumer ownership and control of their stories is maintained, and that 

Templates and checklists that you can use or modify are provided throughout.