Good planning is essential to a good project that achieves good outcomes. The Consumers Health Forum suggests Fives Steps to Successful Storytelling that can be used when planning to gather and use stories to inform a decision-making task. This section of the tool-kit helps you to apply the Five Steps to your own storytelling project.

The Five Steps help you to define the objectives, scope and approach for your project. They also help you ensure you’ve put processes in place to support consumer control of their information, and to identify, minimise and manage risks to participants.

  The Five Steps are:

1. What: Define what your objectives are

2. Why: Define why you’re using stories to achieve your objectives

3. Who: Define your participants (who do you need to hear from, and how many stories you do need)

4. How: Define how you will invite and support participants, how you will identify and manage risks to participants and how you will support their control of the process.

5. Assess: Assess whether your objectives were met, and share what you find with participants