Every person has a story to tell about their health, and their experience of the healthcare system. These first-hand experiences can help policy-makers, consumer organisations and health services to understand what’s working and what’s not working in our health system; and to partner with health consumers to identify and make the changes that are needed.

If we want better health outcomes and healthier communities, we must listen to consumer experience, and act on it. Consumer stories can be a strong evidence base to shape better decision-making about health policies, services and spending. For this consumer evidence to reach its potential, we need robust methods for gathering, analysing and using consumer experience to drive better health outcomes.

This tool-kit provides straightforward advice for health services, policymakers and consumer organisations that want to gather, understand and use consumer stories to guide their strategic decision-making. It aims to assist organisations to use this often-overlooked evidence base to ensure our health system delivers consumer-centred care.

Real people, real data toolkit


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For further information, read the external evaluation of the Real People, Real Data pilot.