Welcome to the new home of health consumer advocacy

You are looking at the renewed website of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia.

This brighter website is aimed at better picking up and presenting YOUR health issues and interests.

We also have a fresh, contemporary logo and new colours.





This site incorporates content from the sister site, Our Health Our Community site and we will have the two sites fully merged later this year. 

Our new home aims to reflect and respond to community needs.

Its simplicity enables you to keep abreast of consumer health issues.

These days health care policy is receiving more attention than ever from governments. And from YOU the consumer.

And the Consumers Health Forum is busier than ever advocating for consumer-centred health care.

We know that when consumers have the opportunity to speak out, and to work collaboratively with health providers and decision-makers, significant improvement and innovation can happen. Policies, laws and systems can change.  This is advocacy and why we’ve chosen ‘consumers shaping health’ as our tagline.  

We want to help you easily access the information you seek, and share your views.

On this new platform, there will be more blogs and commentary on consumer health issues facing Australia.

We will display in video stories and vignettes what typical health consumers say about current issues.

The Members’ Portal is designed to streamline our communications with our members and ease connections between members.

And it will be easier to find upcoming events and read about consumer health news.

Please take a look around the website and feel free to let us know what you think about the new site and how we might improve it further.


Good health!


About the author

Leanne Wells

Leanne Wells

Leanne was Chief Executive of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia from 2014 until August 2022