What is the tick

It is a logo designating that CHF believes your organisation is including and working with consumers in a good practice, authentic way.

It is based on the “Patients Included” campaign started by Lucien Engelen, director of the Reshape and Innovation Center at Radboud University Nijmegan in the Netherlands.

Why get the tick?

The #withconsumers tick is a means of demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to integrating the experience and insight of consumers into your activities.

It is known that involving consumers at the organisational, governance and policy levels ensures that issues that are important to consumers are identified and prioritised, adds legitimacy to decision making and improves health and policy outcomes as well as relationships with consumers.

Events or publications with the #withconsumers tick will be featured on our website, and some will be profiled in our communications to other members and stakeholders, such as our 8,100 follower Twitter account, 700 follower Facebook account or 3,200 strong Consumers Shaping Health newsletter.

Who is eligible?

The #withconsumers tick is available, on application, for single use in association with national and international conferences, events and publications by organisations or individuals with an interest in health consumer affairs who are able to demonstrate that they put consumers first in healthcare in their activities such as their governance arrangements, projects, events and publications.

Requirements include:

  • Governance: actively including health consumers in governance and decision making such as on boards, committees, secretariats, action groups or councils
  • Projects: actively involving consumers in the design of the project
  • Events: actively involving consumers in the design and planning of events including selection of themes, topics and speakers, and as speakers or panellists themselves
  • Publications: involving consumers as authors and bloggers
  • Resources: allocating funding to support the involvement of health consumers in governance, projects and other initiatives such as cover of travel, accommodation, committee sitting fees and speaker fees.

Where and how the tick can be used

At national or international events, conferences, publications or reports.

The logo where possible must link back to https://chf.org.au/chf-withconsumers-tick 

Can use of the tick be lost?

CHF expects use of the tick to be respected and taken up in good faith however if we no longer believe you are eligible to use it, we will remove your right to display the logo.  CHF has a trademark application pending to protect the use of the tick.

Click here to apply (Please allow 4-6 weeks for the process)