The Youth Health Forum is a network of over eighty young leaders from across Australia who work together to determine and champion youth perspectives on the current health system.

We are a diverse group of young people and not health policy experts, but experience matters. Youth Health Forum members are aged 18 — 30 and use the health and social care system or represent people who do. Our views highlight key areas that will help shape the health of Australians in the future.

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Life Transitions and Youth Pathways to Health Services

The Youth Health Forum has produced a Report on Youth Transitions in Health Services

It contains recommendations and supporting information about the challenges young people face in the healthcare system.

Download the report 

A series of short videos are being produced to explain the Report. The first is available now.

View YHF Life Transitions and Youth Pathways Report Overview (opens on YouTube) 

Webinar series

A webinar series to provide information for young people in their work as health consumer advocates or when working with government, health services or community groups.

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