Having finished your reporting to the Consumer Coalition, you would like to debrief with someone about your first experience as a consumer representative. The Consumer Coalition has a Peer Network meeting next week, which you are looking forward to. In the meantime you log onto the Consumers Health Forum of Australia website, and browse through the representatives' forum. 

There are other new consumer representatives who have posted about their first experiences, and you see that other people have discussed similar experiences, such as dealing with jargon from committee members. One member posts that she simply asked the Committee not to use jargon, which worked for her. You make a note to think about raising this if it happens again at the next meeting. 

Another consumer representative has asked for advice, saying that he felt he wasn't listened to when he shared his personal experience. Having experienced a similar situation, you log in and reply to his post; suggesting that he try de-personalising the issue so it reflects the broader experience of consumers, rather than only his own. You're pleased that in addition to learning new ideas, you already have some thoughts to share with other consumer representatives.