You ask Melanie about the scope of your role on the Committee - whether you are there to speak for the Consumer Coalition, or as an individual. Melanie explains that you have been nominated as a 'consumer representative' by the Consumer Coalition to provide a consumer perspective on access to medications; but you are not expected to speak on behalf of all consumers, nor formally for the Consumer Coalition (only the Director and Chair can do that). 

Melanie explains that the Consumer Coalition has resources available that will help you in your work. She recommends that you have a look at the Position Statements on their website, as those will give you more information about the Consumer Coalition's views and positions on certain issues.

You ask Melanie if you should call her after the meeting. She says that you are welcome to report whichever way is best for you. She suggests it is helpful if you send an email report after each meeting with a summary of key discussion points, and any issues you think she should know about. That way, Melanie can share your report within the Consumer Coalition network and let you know of helpful information. This will help to keep other consumers aware of your work and the issues that are being worked on. 

She asks you to highlight any issues or comments that are confidential and should not be shared beyond the Consumer Coalition secretariat. She also encourages you visit the Consumers Health Forum of Australia website, and explains that on the website you will be able to access forums with other consumer representatives. She reminds you to attend one of the Consumer Coalition's upcoming Peer Network meetings.

Melanie offers to put you in contact with the Consumer Coalition's previous representative on the Medications Access Committee, Rick, to talk to him about the work of the Committee. You are glad you persisted with your questions, and already feel more informed.