Consumers shifting gears to drive better health care Here Health Voices presents the diverse perspectives of participants at the Consumers Health Forum’s recent Shifting Gears summit. If you did not attend the CHF Summit: Shifting Gears, presentations are available until March 2022 . If you already...
The pandemic is bad but it has also brought some good news for consumers and the health system, forcing many of us to think afresh. Read the November 2020 issue of Health Voices
In this issue of Health Voices leading health leaders and consumers reflect on how the pro-wellness policies are paying off in the fight against the virus. Read the May 2020 issue of Health Voices
In this issue of Health Voices leading health care professionals, consumers and researchers examine what personalised care really means for patients navigating the health system in Australia. Read the November 2019 issue of Health Voices
A noteworthy feature of this edition of Health Voices is how our headline trio are so often intertwined in health outcomes. Safety, quality and literacy perform together like a trio of musicians. As the authors describe, there are increasing examples of reciprocal benefits. Read the May 2019 issue...
In this issue of Health Voices , young people with lived experience reflect on the many challenges faced by youth when trying to navigate the health system – and how things could improve for those who follow.
The notion that consumers are the silent partners in medical research is changing in step with the rise of consumer influence and individualised therapies. And in the latest Federal Budget medical research funding is providing for consumers to have a role in helping identify research priorities. In...
The spectacular advances in medical devices and biotechnology are exposing an ever-expanding world of benefits and risks for consumers.
Many consumers are struggling to afford health insurance while confusion and uncertainty about its value to Australia continue to grow. This raises the question: Is health insurance worth it? Read the latest issue here.
Big changes lie ahead for health care in Australia. Workforce roles are in flux while care gets more individually focused. This edition of Health Voicesexplores the question: Health consumers and workforce – are we engaged?


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