3 December 2022 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm


Zoom (Note- times are in AEDT)

The Consumer 101 workshop is the first in the YHF Master Class Series. This foundational class will provide young people (18-30) with an understanding of:

  • the role of health consumer advocates
  • the rights of consumer advocates and health consumers in general
  • who the major players are in the health consumer space (state and federal peaks, issue specific organisations)
  • how to be involved with the organisations active in the health consumer advocacy sector
  • how to balance the relationships between consumers and stakeholders
  • tips for self-care and maintaining mental wellbeing on the consumer journey.

Learning objectives:

  • a clear understanding of what a health consumer advocate is and what they do
  • what the rights of health consumers and advocates are in the health system
  • an understanding of state peak health consumer organisations and how they work
  • an understanding of the work of CHF and other peak bodies in the federal system
  • an understanding of how to be involved in consumer advocacy at the local, state and federal levels
  • that attendees are confident to establish and maintain relationships with their local health services (with support from relevant consumer organisations)
  • that attendees know various tips and tricks to maintaining their wellbeing on the consumer journey.

About the presenters

Georgia Gardner started volunteering in the health sector at 17. They have 11 years’ experience as a young health consumer advocate and working with young health consumers. Georgia has been part of CHF's Youth Health Forum since 2018 and brings significant experience as both a participant and facilitator of consumer co-design in the healthcare sector. Their educational background is in communications, business and psychology, and they have lived experience with rare disease, dermatological health, and mental health caring.

Georgia will be joined by YHF Young Leaders who will co-facilitate and answer questions during a panel in this session.

Event details

This event is for people aged between 18-30 only
When: Saturday 03 December 1pm – 4pm (AEDT)
Where: Zoom/online
RSVP: YHF Master Class: Consumer 101   
Cost: Free event

About the YHF Master Class Series

We are hosting a series of online educational master classes for young health consumers. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your skills and network with other young health consumers.

These master classes are designed by experienced young health consumers. They will share the skills and knowledge they wish they had known when they had first stepped up as young consumer advocates. This will incorporate a series of support tools and resources, including a recording of each of the classes to allow registrants to review each session in their own time if they are unable to attend.

For further information

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