You ask Derek if he can provide more information, using your newness as an excuse. He explains that his Department is responsible for implementing the Online Medications Database, which has come about because people are increasingly turning to the Internet for information about medications. This Database will provide one website that people can access for correct and up-to-date information. 

You ask him to explain what work had taken place within the last month. He explains that they piloted (tested) the website with a group of consumers, to get their feedback on how easy it was to use and understand, and whether they liked the look of it. 

You're glad you asked, especially when you see a couple of other people nodding like they now understand it too. You ask Derek how many consumers he tested it with. He tells you there were 12 consumers in the group. 

This surprises you - you expected that for a national initiative there would have been a more rigorous consultation. You question whether there will be more consultation occurring. 

Derek tells you this is unlikely, and explains that there was an opportunity to discuss the process at the last Committee meeting. You know from having read the previous Minutes that there was no consumer representative at the last meeting, with Rick finishing up two meetings prior.