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A My Health Record system with the majority of Australians enrolled has many potential benefits for the health system in Australia.

In this webinar, we discuss among other topics the benefits to the individual, the benefits to the health system, the barriers to realising benefits and what work is underway to measure benefits. This will include a discussion of some of the risks and limits, however the risks will be looked at in greater detail in following webinars.



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  • Dr Amandeep Hansra – GP, ADHA Clinical Reference Lead, former CEO & Medical Director of Telstra’s telemedicine business, ReadyCare
  • Russell McGowan – Consumer Advocate
  • Dr Chris Pearce - GP, Academic, President of Australasian College of Health Informatics
  • Dr Chris Freeman - Pharmacist, Vice president Pharmaceutical Society of Australia




Timestamped Q&A

2:12 - So let's start by asking each of our panel members how they see the main benefits of MHR
5:51 - Dr Chris Pearce, perhaps you can talk about, from the clinical point of view, how important is the sort of connection of information that Russell was just describing, having it in one place?
7:01 - And Chris Freedman, from the pharmacists' point of view, in general terms, what would you see as the benefits?
8:30 - I'm sure you often hear, "Well, I had a test done at the hospital some time ago," or some other place, "Don't you already have that information?". People are so used to info being available, how do you explain the challenge in health?
11:03 - Russell, you're an early adopter and early user of the MHR, have you seen much in the way of advances in what it's able to offer since you signed on?
12:52 - Chris Pearce, we've got the perspective of somebody with a chronic condition. What are the benefits for, I guess, the majority of the people who don't have a chronic condition?
13:55 - What about healthy young adults?
14:40 - What are the sort of things that MHR can help with pharmacists in terms of their patients or the customers?
16:26 - Discussion about the benefits of MHR for coordinated, integrated care
18:31 - Chris Pearce, do you think doctors as a rule are seeing all the benefits?
20:33 - How much do you think the My Health Record will change healthcare, say, in five to ten years? Do you have a sense that, are we on the edge of a revolution or is it going to be a sort of a more incremental type of process?
22:58 - Do you see this in the so-called meta data that's going to become available as a big long-term potential benefit to the way population health can be improved?
28:22 - Is one of the benefits going to be to bring the various health professions closer together because they're relying on the same sort of database, which all can see at the same time. Is this likely?
31:30 - Amandeep,you may not have been directly involved but I wondered if you've got any perspectives on the likely outcomes of ADHA benefits measurement projects?
34:53 - Chris Pearce, how do you see, say, in five years time, the relationship, say, of the general practitioner and the patient being changed? Will the GPs be spending more or less time with patients? Will the GP be able to reach a course of treatment quicker?
36:28 - Russell, do you think you've got more control of your healthcare?
38:28 - Is there an argument for the notes or the records that will be available under the My Health Record for some sort of note as to why a test or investigation was not ordered, do you think, Amandeep? 40:48 - Do you think the MHR is going to promote or stifle innovation? You mentioned apps before. Do you think we're likely to see more of these being made more used or accessible as a result of MHR?
45:22 - Would you say that having more information, say a better insight on say knee surgery, that the doctor can immediately present to the patient, would that make a difference in terms of outcomes?
46:08 - Do you think that public at large has been given enough information about the benefits to them of better, sharper information about their healthcare that's available through MHR?
50:00 - Chris you have said before that one of the major challenges is the lack of a clear structure devoted to clinical safety. Do you think that's changed recently? Is the MHR going to help this?
51:00 - Chris Freeman, the importance of accuracy of course is vital with medication. Do you see the MHR having a very significant impact in terms of dispensing of correct drugs, that sort of thing?
52:35 - Russell, do you think the average consumer is aware of the benefits of MHR?
53:36 - Do you think the medical professional profession is sufficiently well informed on the MHR?
55:00 - Is there a need for more incentives for the professional to get on board? Do you think that the technological change is pushing us inevitably towards a different sort of health funding system?
59:52 - Final points