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Understanding the risks of My Health Record as they apply to your own life is a vital step when deciding about whether to have a My Health Record or not.

In this webinar, we discuss among other topics the risks to privacy and security, the risk to community perceptions of the intersection between the health system and government, and what measures are in place to manage and mitigate these risks.
This included a discussion of some of the benefits, however the benefits will be looked at in greater detail in a previous webinar.



Date and Time: 12:30pm AEST, 6 September 2018


  • Tony Kitzelmann – ADHA Chief Information Security Officer and General Manager for the ADHA Cyber Security Centre
  • Dean Martin – Consumer Advocate, ADHA Consumer Advisory Committee member, Research Manager at Black Dog Institute
  • David Hansen – CEO of the Australian e-Health Research Centre, Chair of the Health Informatics Society of Australia board
  • Aaron Cogle – Executive Director, National Association of People with HIV Australia



Timestamped Q&A

Let's start by asking each of our panellists what they see as the major risks with MHR
3:35 -
Tony Kitzelmann
5:12 - David Hansen
7:31 - Dean Martin
– Aaron Cogle
10:00 - Tthere's a matter of risk and who owns it. Do you think, is there a place
for private industry, the private sector to be involved in the data collection or storage, or should we only leave it to governments?
15:50 - Is it the case that the developments are likely to leave us in 10, 20 years with some entirely different technology or way of storing and distributing our health information?
17:18 - So have we got clear principles that endure and still protect us as we get this changing technology?
19:02 - Will the service hosting data be located physically within Australian mainland borders?
19:48 - Do you think there's enough being done to inform people as to why or when they should sit security and access controls to the MHR?
22:15 - What's your view? Is it going to be easy for the average consumer to set things up to suit their needs?
24:57 – Should having a pin on your MHR be the default for everyone?
26:12 - You hear these stories of up to 900,000 health care professionals, nurses, physios, whoever, being able to access your data. What do you say to that?
27:45 - Do you have to deal very often with attempts by people to hack into the health information? Are you aware of it? Do you have to deal with attempted
intrusions like that?
29:30 - And how does our system compare and contrast with these other
systems overseas? Are there different features in terms of security?
30:45 - David, what's
your response to what Tony's just said? Are you convinced that everything's watertight?
- Dean, from a consumer perspective, are you reassured by what you've heard?
32:26 – Aaron?
34:32 – Who is responsible for making sure people know about the benefits and risks of My Health
35:38 - How easy will it be for an acquaintance of a person motivated by curiosity and
working as a health professional in hospital to gain access to a person's health record?
- Aaron, from the perspective of your group, are you persuaded that the health professionals can, by and large, be trusted to deal properly with the My Health Record data they see?
40:52 – Has compensating people who have been harmed in this way been considered at all?
41:50 - We've seen the government is moving to introduce amendments to the MHR legislation to tighten up on privacy and security of records. Do you think
that will solve the outstanding issues in terms of privacy and security for MHR?
47:28 - Do
you think the healthcare professionals, not only doctors but other allied healthcare people, nurses et cetera, do you think enough has been done to educate and train them to make the most of MHR?
49:23 - We've had a question from Melissa, who asks what does a person in a domestic violence situation need to consider before making a decision concerning
a My Health Record?
50:41 - What about the children of a parent who's affected in domestic
51:45 - How is My Health Record any different to similar systems in the UK and
Singapore which have experienced nasty security breaches? Isn't MHR just as vulnerable?
- Jane asks, I've had a My Health Record for the last few months. I have been to the doctor's many times since, but I have no records displaying, which means the doctors are not uploading. Why do people have to ask their doctors to upload?
55:38 - Dean, do you get the impression that typically people as they become more aware of My
Health Record, are going to be perhaps more assertive, wanting more information available on their record?
- Would that be your view Aaron? Do you think from the people you're representing, wanting their doctors to put up the information?