CHF calls for education to support consumers following vaping reforms

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) congratulates the Australian Government on the Senate passing its vaping legislation today.  

The new legislation will stop children being able to freely access vapes which is strongly supported by the health sector and wider Australian community.  

However, CHF is worried that the timelines for change are very tight and much more needs to be done by the Government to explain the changes to people who vape, so they understand their options.  

“We are hearing from consumers that they are confused about what this reform means for them," said CHF CEO Dr Elizabeth Deveny.  

"The last two days in parliament have shown how complex these reforms are,” she said. “We are really concerned that the people most impacted by the changes are not sure whether they should be making an appointment to see their GP next week. It is not a great situation for consumers to be in.” 

CHF also acknowledges pharmacists' concerns about becoming vape dispensers. We strongly encourage the government, pharmacy sector, and other stakeholders to demonstrate to the Australian public that this change is implemented as smoothly as possible.   

“Shared commitments by key decision-makers will build trust in the process, ensure effective communication and ultimately, better outcomes," said Dr Deveny.  


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