Climate a consuming issue for our health

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia recognises that climate change represents an immense threat to our health and today announces it has joined the Climate and Health Alliance.

As Australia’s leading advocacy organisation on consumer health issues, the Consumers Health Forum believes it is vital that the health effects of climate change are taken account of in setting health priorities for the benefit of all Australians.

Chair of the Consumers Health Forum, Tony Lawson, says the Climate and Health Alliance over the past nine years has played an important role in drawing together health organisations on the issue of climate change in order to focus on the implications for our future health.

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that climate change is projected to increase threats to human health, particularly in lower income populations, predominantly within tropical/subtropical countries. 

“Climate change can affect human health directly through impacts of thermal stress and death/injury in floods and storms, and indirectly through mosquito-borne disease, water-borne pathogens, water quality, air pollution and impacts on food supply.

“We know that young people are particularly concerned about climate change and the need for action. CHF has established the Youth Health Forum which offers a platform for younger Australians to engage with climate implications of health, including the effects of climate catastrophes and new diseases.

“If we need any evidence of the severe impact climate change can have on health, we need only consider the increased prevalence of mental ill-health being experienced in parched regions of Australia where farming families are struggling with the challenges of prolonged drought.

“The Consumers Health Forum will work with the Climate and Health Alliance to press for more prompt and effective action by Australian governments to take more effective action to reduce greenhouse emissions and protect the population from unhealthy climate change,” Mr Lawson said.



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