Consumer survey on climate change and health

Australians’ views on the impact of climate change and health will be the subject of a new Australia’s Health Panel survey which launches today.

“The survey on climate and health comes at a pivotal time given the bushfires that have hit so many communities hard,” the CEO of the Consumers Health Forum, Leanne Wells, said.

“The scale of the fires has taken our environmental health challenges into uncertain territory, making it more vital that we are kept up to date about the health consequences and for there to be a proactive, comprehensive plan for prevention and management.

“The survey, open to all adults who sign on to the panel can be found here. It asks people what their healthcare priorities are over the next decade.

“Questions will cover issues such as particular concerns about impact of climate change on health, the Government’s role in reducing impact of climate change on health and personal steps people might be taking counter impacts on personal health.

“The Consumers Health Forum has established Australia’s Health Panel to take the pulse of Australians’ opinions on health issues.  Responses to the survey help us not only to keep our supporters aware of community attitudes but also to influence the policies we take to government.

“Given the cost, complexity and rapid advances in health care, the value and need for consumers to be involved in decision-making is more important than ever,” Ms Wells said.

Register or login to Australia’s Health Panel to complete the survey. Results of previous Australia’s Health Panel surveys are available on our website here.


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