An international award for an Australian pharmacy initiative providing tailored consumer health care is welcome recognition of moves towards patient-centred health services, the Consumers Health Forum says. “We congratulate the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia on this honour awarded for their...
The Turnbull Government’s aim to strengthen Medicare through the Health Care Homes model is good news but will need strong clinical leadership and patient confidence and engagement in design and delivery if it is to attract patient support.
This is a guest blog from Michael Greco, CEO of Patient Opinion When a patient believes an experience with the health system, good or bad, is worth bringing to the attention of those in charge, nothing is quite as affirming as hearing that the action has prompted a tangible response. That is a key...
Health fund profits have jumped by a lucrative 8.9 per cent yet the latest statistics show that members are on average getting less back from each dollar in premiums they pay. While premium revenues rose by 6.4 per cent in the year to June, the payouts members got back in benefits rose by just 5.3 per cent, according to figures released by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.
The release of de-identified health data offers great potential to advance research showing how Australia can deliver better health care more cost effectively, the Consumers Health Forum says.
Stephen Duckett
The Abbott-led government shrilly decried a ‘debt and deficit disaster’ before initiating massive increases in budget deficits. It also reneged on a ‘no cuts to Medicare’ promise with a 2014 Budget that made swingeing cuts to public hospitals and attempted a compulsory co-payment. With that background, here are three dos and three don’ts for the new government.
Jennifer Doggett
Many areas of life have changed radically in the last generation due to the opportunities provided by new technologies and other societal changes. We no longer have to queue at banks, spend our life savings to make an overseas phone call, rush to the supermarket before it closes at 5pm or choose between the meagre entertainment offerings on five TV channels. However, during this period of rapid transformation in many consumer sectors, our experience of health care has changed surprisingly little.
The Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation has released their Discussion Paper to help stimulate debate and inform submissions which will inform the Panel’s recommendations, and are conducting Public Consultations.
You are looking at the renewed website of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia. This brighter website is aimed at better picking up and presenting YOUR health issues and interests. We also have a fresh, contemporary logo and new colours. logo.png This site incorporates content from the sister...
Health and consumer leaders have released a blueprint for 21st Century Medicare aimed at giving patients greater say in a team-based health care system.


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