CHF CEO Adam Stankevicius asks what is the point of a health system unless the impact on patient care is not the first point to be considered?
CHF CEO Adam Stankevicius on the revised GP co-payment proposal and why the 'price signal' could be bad for your health.
CHF CEO Adam Stankevicius recently provided an article for the Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA) on "Consumer participation: we’re doing it to improve the way we deliver services".
"For all its strength, absurdities do haunt Australia’s health “system”. It was this subject which made for a cracking start to CHF’s national workshop this week. The two-day meeting in Melbourne heard a flood of ideas to boost the consumers’ role and improve health care." A blog by CHF Communications Director Mark Metherell.
"The Australian health system wallows in a state of uncertainty as the federal ­government grapples with how to match its budgetary vigour with the reality of heavy demand and strained supply in healthcare" A blog by CHF CEO Adam Stankevicius published in the Financial Review
In this blog, originally published on Croakey, CHF CEO Adam Stankevicius highlights the problems for transparency with Medicine Australia’s proposed code of conduct.
The evidence continues to mount against the Federal Government’s proposed health measures and the rationale for their introduction. In this blog, Adam Stankevicius, CEO of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia, looks at how Australia compares in a range of important areas, and the implications of measures like the proposed $7 copayments regime
'The idea of a $20 billion medical research endowment fund being financed by new imposts on the sick will seem dark farce to the many health consumers already struggling with rising out of pocket health costs.' CHF CEO Adam Stankevicius on medical research and priorities for the Federal Health Budget.
'Few would argue that Australia’s health system faces extraordinary cost challenges if we are to maintain any pretence of a universal health scheme.' CHF's CEO Adam Stankevicius on the health budget debate.
"There seems to be a blind spot in Australia when it comes to public awareness of the availability of care for those who need it but often can’t afford it." In this blog the Consumers Health Forum’s Mark Metherell talks about the proposed co-payment for bulk-billed GP visits, and the impact of health costs for consumers - particularly those with serious or chronic illness.


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