17 April 2015 Submission

Submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee Inquiry into the Availability of new, innovative and specialist cancer drugs in Australia

Consumers Health Forum

This submission into the Availability of new, innovative and specialist cancer drugs in Australia draws on the experiences of our members and consumer representatives in assessing the availability and effectiveness of medicines in Australia, and in particular the operation of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

10 April 2015 Submission

Submission to Review of Complementary Medicines - Expert Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation

Consumers Health Forum

The definitive goal of this review of the regulatory framework should be the safety and quality of complementary medicines in Australia. Any new framework must carefully balance the risk to consumer safety and consumer choice concerns.

2 April 2015 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

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2 February 2015 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

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1 February 2015 Submission

Submission to the Federal Treasurer on the 2015-16 Federal Budget

Consumers Health Forum
The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) is the national peak body representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers. CHF works to achieve safe, quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by accessible health information and systems. CHF welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Federal Treasurer to inform the 2015-16 Federal Budget. In the last year there has been much discussion around the Government’s desire to reduce expenditure and health has been a target of these discussions, with many statements about the unsustainability of Medicare and a looming blowout in health expenditure.
5 January 2015 Submission

Submission to the Review of Medicines and Medical Devices

Consumers Health Forum
CHF considers this review to be of critical importance to every Australian health consumer. Consumers consistently raise with us their concerns about the safety and quality of medicines, giving details of personal experiences of when the safety regime has failed them. With this in mind, CHF strongly believes that the safety and quality of therapeutic goods in Australia should be the ultimate goal of this regulatory framework.
31 October 2014 Health Voices

Health Voices, Issue 15, October 2014

Consumers Health Forum

eHealth: the future is now

5 September 2014 Submission

Submission to Review of After Hours Primary Care

Consumers Health Forum

CHF supports that any health care service be based on the principles of consumer-centred healthcare and that it considers the patient, their carer and family. The key principles of consumercentred healthcare are inclusive of safety and quality issues, cost and sustainability.

20 August 2014 Submission

Submission to Inquiry into PBS Co-payment

Consumers Health Forum

CHF has strongly opposed policies that increase consumer out-of-pocket costs through the imposition of new or increased co-payments. We have raised these concerns consistently through previous submissions to Senate Committee inquiries. CHF’s commissioned research on out-ofpocket costs highlights many of the complex and negative aspects of co-payments in health care. Our call to address the rising consumer burden of healthcare in Australia is supported by this consumer- centred research.

8 May 2014 Report

Health Consumer Out-of-Pockets Costs Survey-Results and Analysis

Consumers Health Forum
We have long been concerned about the rising out of pocket costs impacting consumers’ access to quality health care. Beginning in January 2014, we ran a survey to collect consumers’ experiences with out of pocket costs. This survey received over 500 responses, and the stories consumers told were startling.