This year has set CHF on an exciting trajectory as we work towards achieving safe, good quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by the best health information and systems the country can afford.

Securing sustainable funding in May 2023 was the result of an effective pre-Budget campaign which saw more than 6,000 Australians sign a petition asking the newly elected Albanese Government to listen to the voice of health consumers.

Consumers want input into how their health services are designed, and by receiving this four-year funding, CHF will be able to better engage with our members, key stakeholders and consumers before decisions are made. We will also aim to get their grassroots feedback on the implementation of new services or policies which will feed into evaluation, and hopefully, continual improvement.

Annual Report 2022-23

For addtional information, read the Board Communique for December 2023, and the minutes for the Annual General Meeting held on 24 Oct 2023. 

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Thursday, October 19, 2023
Consumers Health Forum