Since 2010, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has supported the development of statements articulating ethical principles for business and the healthcare sector in order to maximise the interests of patients and consumers, enhance access to safe and effective healthcare, and build public trust. APEC statements of ethical principles have been developed or are under development in a number of APEC member economies.

The Australian “Consensus Statement of Shared Values and Ethical Principles for Collaboration and Interaction among Organisations in the Healthcare Sector” is a government-supported, sector-led initiative that has been developed collaboratively by professional bodies, industry organisations, hospital and health services associations, regulators, patient and advocacy groups and other related organisations.

The Australian Consensus Statement does not replace existing statements, codes and guidelines, nor does it supersede, relace or re-interpret relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory laws and regulations. The Australian Consensus Statement describes the values and ethical principles that should form the basis of collaboration and interaction among organisations in the healthcare sector, and aims to:

• Promote collaboration and interaction among healthcare sector organisations and those who work within them that benefits patients, consumers, students, educators, communities, populations, healthcare systems and the healthcare sector.

• Encourage better dialogue, trust and respect between and amongst organisations in and working with the healthcare sector.

• Enhance the integrity and trustworthiness of organisations in the healthcare sector.

• Promote public confidence and trust in healthcare sector organisations by demonstrating a shared commitment to integrity and ethics.

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Monday, September 3, 2018