The availability of both biologic and biosimilar medicines has the potential to make a significant positive impact on the Australian healthcare system. The Biologic and Biosimilar Medicines 2020 Forum held on the 23 June, 2016 in Sydney, brought together a broad range of representatives of the Australian healthcare industry to discuss the many opportunities and new and unique challenges the availability of both biologic and biosimilar medicines present.

The Forum included health professional, consumer, patient advocacy group, medicines industry, and policy and regulatory representation, all sharing their particular views and experience in the use of biologic and biosimilar medicines.

While Australia has taken a number of important first steps, there was an acknowledged need to bring the broad range of stakeholders together in this way to gain new insights, discuss the current framework, and future opportunities and challenges of these medicines to enable their success.

The Forum’s organising committee wish to thank the more than 80 contributing attendees. While there were a range of commonalities discussed throughout the Forum, the broad range of perspectives demonstrate the extensive opportunities and intricate challenges facing all stakeholders involved in this complex and evolving field that require further consideration and focus.

The Forum cemented that we must as ever, remain patient-focused, driven to improving patient outcomes. It is hoped the Forum’s discussions, and issues identified will complement and enhance existing and future initiatives to ensure the success of biologics and biosimilars to the benefit of Australian patients and their families.

Feedback from discussions on the day indicated an impetus to continue to jointly progress the issues raised beyond the Forum, and we hope this collaborative approach will enable the health community to continue to benefit from the opportunities biosimilars present, now and in the future. Foreword Organising

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Friday, September 2, 2016
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