CHF engaged in a wide range of policy discussions reflecting our desire (supported by the Australian government) to put consumers at the centre of the discussion and ensure their voices were heard.

During 2022–23 we focussed on advocacy efforts in the following areas:

  • Strengthening Medicare and Primary Health Reform 
  • Cost and quality of healthcare 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Health literacy 
  • Private health 
  • Digital health 
  • Workforce 

We continue to serve as a thought leader in health care and shine a light on where health care can be improved with our focus on equity and fairness of access. For a quick review, read our 2022-2023 CHF Report Card or our Annual Report for more detail.  

During 2022-2023 we: 

  •  advocated consumer interests through submissions and expert international and national committees on
    • primary care
    • mental health
    • digital health
    • medicines policy
    • prevention
    • safety and quality
    • private health
    • out-of-pocket costs
    • consumer engagement
  • generated hundreds of media interviews across national TV, radio and print
  • nominated and supported consumer advisors in government and non-government committees and taskforces
  • conducted four masterclasses with Youth Health Forum members to increase health literacy
  • published a series of policy reports on topics such as wellbeing, Strengthening Medicare, dental services, health technology assessment and telehealth guidelines.
  • conducted 6 surveys as part of Australia’s Health Panel to 1000 participants
  • promoted consumer issues to government and engaged in targeted pre-budget campaigning on behalf of consumers
  • increased reach of our newsletter Consumer Voices to 4200 subscribers
  • engaged with our 10,000+ followers on X (formerly know as Twitter), and our growing social media platforms of 1,300+ Facebook, and 1,600 LinkedIn followers
  • kept in touch with diverse communities with CHF Special Interest Groups (SIGs) active on topical issues 
  • more than 50 members attended CHF’s Members Policy Forum on Wellbeing

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Thursday, November 9, 2023
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