Australians' diets are currently sub-optimal, with the majority of people consuming inadequate amounts of core foods and too many discretionary foods. This has negative impacts on population health, including through increased rates of overweight and obesity and a range of associated chronic diseases.

Exposure to marketing for unhealthy foods and drinks can influence food choices and dietary intake. This is especially true in childhood, when children are forming food habits and marketing can be a powerful socialisation agent. Current measures to reduce children's exposure to unhealthy food marketing in Australia are predominantly industry-led and voluntary in nature, with minimal regulatory protections in place.

This consultation sought stakeholder views around a range of potential actions the Government could take to limit unhealthy food marketing to children. CHF largely agrees with all of the potential actions proposed in the consultation paper and advocates for the actiosn ot be taken with the broadest possible parameters to maximise their effectiveness and opporuutnity to succeed.

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Monday, March 18, 2024