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We regularly make submissions to national level inquiries. If you are after a submission from earlier than listed here, please contact us.

7 June 2019
Consumers Health Forum

CHF supports all the recommendations in the report. We agree with the conclusions in the Consumer Impact statement of the report, particularly around the importance of these measure in improving patient choice and access to primary health care that is ”timely, uncomplicated, culturally safe and...Read more

7 June 2019
Response to the Report from the Mental Health Reference Group

In March this year CHF undertook a consumer survey on mental health services to hear from people with lived experiences about how the current health service system works for them. In that survey we asked about people’s experience of care, from a system integration and patient centred perspective...Read more

6 June 2019
Consumers Health Forum

Thirty years following the creation of Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS), a review is long overdue. CHF members believe that this review and a commitment to the regular evaluation of Medicare items is an essential to maintaining a world class health system and ensuring that funding is available for...Read more

30 April 2019

CHF appreciates the opportunity to provide a submission in response to the National Women’s Health Strategy 2020-2030: consultation draft (the Strategy). CHF welcomes the development of the Strategy and support the five priority areas identified. Our response addresses key considerations from...Read more

29 April 2019

CHF is pleased to present this submission to the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into the Social and Economic Benefits of Improving Mental Health. Our submission is structured around the questions in the Commission’s Issues Paper. We make some general comments on the overall scope of the...Read more

12 April 2019
Youth Health Forum

Throughout their response to the Productivity Commission's Inquiry into Mental Health, you will read the stories of members of the Youth Health Forum sharing their personal experiences with mental ill-health. Though their...Read more

1 April 2019
Consumers Health Forum

Overall CHF supports the recommended priorities and actions and welcomes the commitment to further consultation with children, families and young people as implementation plans are developed and operationalised. We welcome ARACY’s proposed life course approach: it is important that the plan...Read more

19 March 2019
Consumers Health Forum

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We are pleased to provide a submission supporting the continuation and strengthening of the Tobacco Control Regulations in Australia. Since the...Read more

8 March 2019
Consumers Health Forum

Response to the Report from the General Practice and Primary Care Clinical Committee: Phase 2

CHF supports the changes that the GPPCCC have been made in their Phase 2 Report and feel that their vision of the health system aligns closely with what we hear from members. We are pleased that...Read more