Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback in response to the proposed Standard for Informed Financial Consent (the Standard), developed by the Cancer Council, Breast Cancer Network Australia, CanTeen and Prostate Cancer Foundation. 

CHF support the development of a nationally consistent guide or standard for informed financial consent. We believe informed financial consent is a necessary component of informed consent and forms an important part of consumers’ decision-making process about proposed treatments. There are many benefits for improving informed financial consent including strengthening the ability of consumers to make informed choices about their health care options. Consultations previously undertaken by CHF only reinforces the importance of developing a nationally consistent standard for informed financial:

- Many consumers report being unsatisfied with their personal experiences of informed
financial consent when seeking and / or receiving care; and
- In general consumers reported that information financial consent involved the provision
of information about costs of their treatments before they accept it, in the form of
written, itemised quote outlining what costs are, and are not, covered.

Today, there continues to be a difference between what doctors and health professionals constitute informed financial consent and what consumers experience.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019