Statement of Collaborative Intent

This Statement of Collaborative Intent reflects a partnership that respects the roles and responsibilities of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) and the Health Consumer Advocacy Network of South Australia (Health CAN SA). It underpins how CHF and Health CAN SA work collaboratively in our commitment to shared values, goals, beliefs and practices that act to place consumers at the centre of health, care, research and policy, that prioritise consumer-centred care to achieve quality outcomes.

Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF)

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia is the national peak body representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers. CHF works to achieve safe, quality, timely healthcare for all Australian’s supported by accessible health information and systems.

Health Consumer Advocacy Network of South Australia (Health CAN SA)

The Health Consumer Advocacy Network of South Australia is a group of health consumers who believe the people, who pay for, fund and use health services in South Australia, should be able to inform and influence how those services are designed and delivered. The Network provides an independent health consumer voice in South Australia to inform government, service providers and policy makers about the experiences, issues and concerns of health consumers and contribute to shared planning and problem solving.

We believe

Healthcare policy, services and research must reflect genuine and active partnerships between health professionals and providers, and consumers. Consumers are best placed to decide what health care and services they need to meet their health goals, preferences and values. Engaged consumers have more information and better understanding of their health and how to manage it. Engaging with consumers improves health outcomes, reduces adverse events, increases staff wellbeing and retention and reduces costs through better resource use and more targeted services. The lived experience and expertise of consumers contributes to building a sound evidence base and educating researchers and care providers on effective consumer-centred care practice.

We will recognise and support Consumers (as patients, families and carers):

  • Through their lived experience, to evaluate the care and services they receive, whether their care goals, needs and expectations have been met and self-report their outcomes of care at the point of care
  • Involvement in partnerships at the organisational level with those who provide care, conduct health and medical research and design services to improve safety, quality and innovation in health care
  • To actively partner with policy makers and governments in healthcare policy at the system level.

We will work in partnership to:

  • Identify and report - on emerging health issues and concerns
  • Actively promote - the value and benefits of consumer engagement and participation
  • Advocate for access and equity - in addressing the needs of health consumers and communities
  • Build the capability of health consumers - to effectively represent community views and perspectives
  • Provide opportunities - for learning, networking & growth to increase health consumers circles of influence
  • Identify partnering opportunities - to promote health consumer rights, consumer engagement and advocacy
  • Advocate for the health and human rights consumers

CHF will recognise Health CAN SA as the state-based consumer network and provide opportunity for its members to participate in national policy consultations, opportunities to nominate consumer advisers to national committees and Consumer Link, our skills development and knowledge translation webinar series for consumer representatives.

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Monday, October 18, 2021
Consumers Health Forum