Consumer focused commitments for a 21st century consumer centred healthcare system

Adequate and equitable resourcing of our health system is essential to allow access to healthcare when and where consumers need it. Evidence-based and well-resourced health systems improve national productivity, are more cost-effective and equitable. Over time, moving to models of care which promote services being integrated will benefit consumers. Integrated care which puts the needs of people and communities, not diseases, at the centre of health systems and empowers consumers to take charge of their own health facilitates the adequate and equitable use of resources. This can be achieved through involving consumers in design as they can accelerate improvement and spur practical and local health and social care solutions. Examples of how this can be done already exist such as the work to produce the National Medicines Policy which recognises the fundamental role consumers have in reaching the objectives of quality care, better value for taxpayers and universal access to basic health services.

As the peak national body for consumer’s involvement in health CHF supports the development of an efficient, inclusive and accessible health system. We call on the Federal Government to take action in two key ways: to develop a national vision for our health system and to adequately resource it.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Consumers Health Forum