Consumers broadly support the vision and principles of the draft strategy.  They consider that many of the proposed actions could be effective in reducing stigma and discrimination.  Some consumers pointed out that the Strategy could be applied more broadly than to mental health conditions, for example recognising that many people experience physical health co‑morbidities, and that there is often a two way causal relationship between mental and physical health conditions.  They also pointed to the many physical conditions that draw stigma and discrimination, including obesity, lung cancer, and ME/CFS.

The Strategy should be widely accessible – not just to organisations and governments, but to consumers of the system – as intended.  It is extremely important that the document is written in plain English and translated into community languages.  Complementary material and a communications’ plan should also be developed and implemented so that the Strategy is accessible to all consumers.

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Thursday, February 16, 2023
Tammy Wolffs